How can you be sure to work effectively from a distance and find ways to boost creativity and critical thinking? How to lead others with purpose? And how to enhance critical thinking?

Find below some of the tips shared by Jamal Nassar, who has trained and coached people from over 50 countries including CEOs, aspiring entrepreneurs and students. Jamal applies Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help entrepreneurs & working professionals attain higher levels of psychological health, release negative emotions and turn their lives around.

Tips to Encourage Collaborative Critical Thinking

  • Gamification creates selection, engagement and teambuilding. It energizes everyone and builds morale within teams.
  • Preparation: it is now time to plan more than ever. Take advantage and go full throttle when the light goes green.
  • Communication: communicate effectively and clearly to reduce misunderstanding or stress, and unexpected outcome
  • Imagine: Mind-mapping is a great way to start imagining and planning things out freely.
  • Inform and involve: it is essential to keep teams and critical stakeholders informed at all times.
  • Write: our fingers connect to our neuro-system. Start sketching or writing to trigger stimulus.

Lead with purpose

  • Great leaders influence because they are working with purpose: find your purpose.
  • Evaluate why you exist as a team and an organization.
  • Review what your core values are and live by them as your code
  • Trust, confidence and clarity are three key things that contribute to both creativity and critical thinking.

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Top strategies to enhance critical thinking

  • Keep the end in mind. It will give you a clear direction.
  • Switch your lights on. Identify what your philosophy is and the code that you live by.
  • Alter your perception.
  • Be prepared to lose the battle to win the game.


  • Act like your people are your most prized asset, now more than ever.
  • Face your fear! It is important to know what is affecting you so that you understand yourself better and learn to manage it going forward.
  • Move from drama to vision, to reduce conflict and achieve harmony; increasing focus is an integral part of critical thinking.