The diverse professional and linguistic backgrounds of EBRD employees, where many speak at least two languages, required Learnlight to deploy a unique training approach. Particular emphasis was placed on the selection of trainers with experience of working with advanced learners.

In addition to continuous informal in-course assessment, each delegate is also required to sit a formal assessment, on completion of each module, which is designed to measure progress against the agreed pre-course objectives.

The main challenges were seen as:

  • Adapting the training style to suit the diverse linguistic, cultural and professional backgrounds of EBRD delegates
  • Creating a training format to engage delegate interest over an extended period of time required in order to achieve the necessary level of competency
  • Providing flexible and effective training schedules that fitted around frequent travel and limited time available to delegates
  • Delivering highly specialized training in eastern European languages, e.g. technical language on nuclear decommissioning

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