For María Martínez, global training policies provide HR with a very clear picture of what’s going on. “When a program fails, it’s often because, after investing huge resources on the implementation of a training plan, there’s no clear vision of what you’re doing or a quick way to follow up on the results, something which this the Learnlight platform does offer.”

The main challenges in developing this global training program included:

  • Designing a global language training plan for all Medline offices, offered by a single provider who could guarantee learning outcomes
  • Obtaining a clear and consistent vision of program performance in each office
  • Providing training in all required languages, according to the specific needs of each of the Medline teams across Europe
  • Offering high-quality training through a virtual program that would meet learners’ demands, with a focus on flexibility, adaptability and accessibility
  • Delivering an outstanding multilingual service to a multinational and diverse set of learners, to support them and meet their needs throughout their programs

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The Power of Centralization